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Meadow Mist Designs Quilt Makers

Thank you for interest in becoming a Meadow Mist Designs quilt maker!  Please note that I will be trying this out for one year with a very small set of quilters, so if you are interested and not selected this time, there will be likely be future opportunities. Thank you for your support and interest!

I have so many quilt pattern ideas but not enough time to make quilts for the covers of the patterns.  Want to help me? Details about the new quilt maker program and a link to apply are below.


Benefits to You:

  • All materials will be supplied (all fabrics for quilt top, binding, and backing) as well as batting and thread (if needed).
  • You get to keep the finished quilt!
  • Your name as the quilt maker will appear in the pattern and online where the quilt is posted (where possible).



  • Confident beginner / intermediate / advanced level quilter
  • Good with time management and meeting deadlines
  • Must be able to quilt your own quilts (or be okay sending them off to professional quilting at your own cost)
  • Active on Instagram and Facebook
  • Be able to commit to making one (1) quilt in a year. Makers will be given at least two (2) months to fully finish the quilt (quilted and bound).



How it will Work:

  • I will create a small Facebook group for the MMD Makers.
  • I will post a rendered image of the quilt design, the proposed fabrics, techniques and difficulty of the quilt, and the deadline for finishing the quilt.
    • Anyone who likes both the design and the fabrics (because you get to keep the quilt) and can meet the deadline can volunteer. If more than one person volunteers to make a quilt, the maker will be selected randomly from those that have not made a quilt yet that year.
  • I will mail all materials to the quilter.
  • The quilter will make the quilt taking some in-progress pictures and will mail (at my expense) the finished quilt to me.
  • I will take photographs of the quilt and then will return the quilt to the maker (this return may be delayed by a few months until the pattern is launched).

Other Information:

  • Due to shipping costs and schedules, this program is currently only open to US mailing addresses.
  • If you would like to make the pattern but are not selected for that quilt, you are welcome to make a version of the quilt to help with the pattern release (these extra quilts will not have materials supplied). There may be instances where I will supply fabric for more than one quilt or size per pattern.
  • This is not pattern testing, the patterns you will receive should be error-free, professionally tech edited, and in final form. That being said, if you find an error or have an idea on how to improve or expand on the pattern, please let me know.
  • If you unable to finish a quilt once you have received the materials, you must notify me as quickly as possible and return the materials and/or partially finished quilt within 2 weeks.
  • Are you interested? Please fill out the form below.  The deadline to apply is Monday, September 19th at midnight ET and you will be notified no later than Monday, October 3rd.  The program will start towards the end of 2022.

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